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  1. OP - no need to worry. Sand the pads down so they fit.It does not need to be 100% flat - you ain't building a piano. A few hard applications from 100 kph will soon have them flat and true to the rotors.Comments here about pads jamming, wheels locking up, etc etc just a bunch of hogwash.
    yy6080韩国午夜理论自制在线观看全集免费完整版第37集 雪 , 我们是天使 全集在线观看 日本剧 雪梨影院
  2. Call here - they can help youMost likely Thai speaker required/en/place/17978-Hang-Dong-District-Office
  3. Seems to be ...Breakdown works like this - ProvincialMooban - VillageTambon - SubdistrictAmphoe (Amphur) - DistrictChangwat - ProvinceLocal -SubdistrictTownCity
  4. Not in our villageOne ball valve downstream of the meter
  5. Not who - WhatTessaban is the local municipal government office.Your address will be something like -12 Moo 3 T. __________ A. _________________ ProvinceT = name of Tessaban A = name of Amphur
  6. In our village water is supplied by the tessabanLocal lady collects from each household.Contact them
  7. I always use Never Seez on caliper pins. won't wash out and keeps them from seizing.Partial to the copper blend - Kopr Kote another good brand
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  8. Great cars - but the down side to ownership here is the dealer network.In Europe or N. America there are specialized shops with the diagnostic equipment to ID the fault and repair.Here - even the dealers fall short.Same same Ducati - would love a Multistrada, but parts supply - or lack thereof - puts me off.
  9. I take it that the barometer is on the left, thermometer on the right - in the foto above.Looks like the alcohol has separated in the column.If so, take a hair dryer, low heat setting, and carefully heat up the bulb at the bottom. Small steps. Heat and move dryer away, heat and move away, ... The fluid will heat and rise, bridging the gaps, and when cools will most likely return to the bulb.Nice instrument by the way.
  10. This from a person who says he rides choppers and does not know what a shovel is
  11. Pan, Shovel, Evo, Twin Cam - all models of Harley DavidsonsIf you rode a 'chopper' and do not know what these terms mean ...Or do you mean a chopper in Thailand - a 250cc single cylinder Honda555
  12. Very TrueMake an offer, if refused - walk away.We didn't even get back to the hotel and the guy foned back and said we accept."It's my Money and I'll Pay if I Want To ..."to paraphrase
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